MY-TR3 Roulette Game


TR3 Roulette its a game that offers you a casino-like experience in which the player must choose a number, if the bet its difficult the prize its higher that is why its a challenging game ,it includes jackpot prize, and free spins that makes it very entertaining to play and perfect to test the luck and skill of the gamer.
Product Name TR3 Roulette Game
Product Code MY-TR3
Cabinet Wood
Weight(kg) 18.5
Dimension(cm)  43 X 47.5 X 57
Voltage 110 V / 220 V
Image Style Innovative Technology, simple and elegant design 
  1. It stands out above other roulette games as innovative game-play
  2. The different opportunities to win keep the player focused into the game
  3. The machine offers the counting coins option automatically to save time and avoid errors
  4. Exciting and enveloping game for all types of players
  5. Player can withdraw their coin by pressing “PAY” while they earn enough 
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