MY-FR Fruit Roulette


► The unique game combines an electric motorized roulette
► Players can choose how to stop the roulette: manual or auto-stop
► With LED lights and Latin music that make players feel more exciting
► It is designed to perfectly use as amusement machine
Product Name Fruit Roulette
Product Code MY-FR
Cabinet ABS (Plastic) / VIP (Wood) / Customized
Weight(kg) ABS : 17 / VIP : 36
Dimension(cm) ABS : 47.5 X 50 X 59 / VIP : 58 X 60 X 138
Voltage 110 V / 220 V
Image Style Fruit and Circus
  1. Main program designed as roulette game
  2. Two kinds of special bonus in the program
  3. JP will show number randomly to multiply your bet
  4. Count down automatically after pressing start-button
  5. Player can stop roulette spinning by pressing start-button
  6. Symbols are designed as juicy fruit and stand for are 2,5,10,15,30,40,50 points       
  7. Single board
Download MY-FR Manual