MY-15 Space Master


Space Master features the story of the treasure hunting in outer space.

The extra roulette installed in the PCB allows you to earn double bonus. Recover your investment
in short time with Space Master, which impress you with its acrylics, great audio effects, and high brightness LED!

Let´s sail and explore it with Space Master!
Product Name Space Master
Product Code MY-15
Cabinet ABS (Plastic) / VIP (Wood) / Customized
Weight(kg) ABS : 17 / VIP : 36
Dimension(cm) ABS : 47.5 x 50 x 59 / VIP : 48 x 55 x 160
Voltage 110 V / 220 V
Image Style Outer Space
  1. LED with double color
  2. Tiny roulette enhances chance to increase revenue
  3. Symbols are designed as fruit and jewels
  4. Six kinds of special bonus in the program
  5. Double board and mini motor
Download MY-15 Manual