Have you heard that great amount of gold hidden in the jungle? Let’s adventure in mysterious jungle and use your wisdom to find out this treasure.

This PC board has LED of mega size, and matrix display is like three reels to make additional bonuses.

Moreover, delicate roulette will enhance more chance to win the prize. The most significantly, players can decide the moment which the roulette stop rolling.

You can strive for wealth by yourself. Be carefully, the jungle guard and animals will gaze at you.
Product Name Jungle King
Product Code MYG-JK
Cabinet Desktop (Wood) / Mega VIP (Wood) / Customized
Weight(kg) Desktop : 25 / Mega VIP : 40
Dimension(cm) Desktop : 52 X 43 X 76 / Mega VIP : 56 X 54 X 153 
Voltage 110 V / 220 V
Image Style Tarzan and jungle 
  1. Mega size LED with double color
  2. Matrix display simulates spinning reels to multiply win
  3. One exquisite roulette is installed on PC board to enhance bonus and fun 
  4. One or two symbols on the display are able to be fixed, increasing chance to get bonus
  5. A lot of special bonus in the program, let players find them in surprised
  6. Bill acceptor and coin selector as option 
  7. Special game: Roulette game 
  8. Mega size and double board
Download MYG-JK Manual