Multi-Entry Device


Multy entry device,

Adjustable, easy to set and secure.
Includes set of wires.
Product Name Multi Entry Device
Product Code MYK-MD
Weight About 50 g
Dimension About 9.3 X 7 cm ( PCB)
Voltage AC 110 V ~ 240 V 
Function Machine is able to have multi path for coins or bill  
  1. Multi entry path device has three segment of output speed
  2. Output speed is 20, 50, 100 min/sec respectively
  3. N.C / N.O is as optional                    
  4. There are four piece of dip switch on the PCB
  5. It can be used coin selector and bill acceptor at same time
  6. Inhibit of bill acceptor +/- is adjustable on the PCB 
  7. Eight kind of coin setting,1,2,5,10,25,50,100,500
  8. The package include two set of wires for coin selector and bill acceptor
Download MYK-MD Manual