Iron Dog

Product Name Antishock /Anti-Interference Device Iron Dog
Product Code MYK-ID
Weight About 100 g
Dimension About 11.5 X 11.8 X 4.5 cm
Voltage AC 90 V ~ 240 V 
Function Protect machine from malicious behavior
  1. Electric shock voltage protection max. 30 KV/ sec
  2. RF protection against interference receiving frequency from 30 MHZ up to 3.2 GHZ 
  3. Adjust RF received the sensitiveness of signal power -60 dBm to 2 dBm                    
  4. The protection time could receive signals in 1 msec
  5. Adjust POWER ON delay time from 1 to 10 sec
  6. Add to RF aerial terminal can enhanced receive signals
  7. It is able to be used with alarm device
  8. Package includes one pieces of  Iron Dog, aerial and one set of wires
Download MYK-ID Manual