►This machine has four sets of winning bonus
►It has a dual-color dot matrix
►It could appear animation and different colorful graphics
►The circled led and special running light are the different features than formerly
►Adapting-row artificial control of winning bonus makes the machine more attractive
►Increasing sound effects and speech sounds make the game more vivid and vigorous
Product Code MY-9
Cabinet ABS (Plastic) / Customized
Weight(kg) ABS : 17 
Dimension(cm) ABS : 47.5 X 50 X 59 
Voltage 110 V / 220 V
Image Style Soccer 
  1. Classic and popular Copa series
  2. Round LED in circular permutation
  3. Matrix displays are installed PC board to multiply win                                             
  4. Symbols are designed as national flag
  5. Double board
Download MY-9 Manual