MYP-9 Soccer 9 Balls


►Soccer 9 Balls is different from traditional pinball machine
►Winning probability and the amount of balls (5 balls to 9 balls) can be adjusted
►Mini games can be played in 7 inch LCD
►With Latin music and attractive lyrics
Product Name Soccer 9 Balls
Product Code MYP-9
Cabinet Wood
Weight(kg) 50 
Dimension(cm) 49 X 88 X 154 
Voltage 110 V / 220 V
Image Style Footballer 
  1. Dip LED with high brightness  
  2. There is 7 inch LCD installed on PC board
  3. Line bonus, collection bonus, one more chance, double game, and so on                  
  4. Maximum : 9 pinball
  5. Symbols are designed as national flag
Download MYP-9 Manual