MY-6 Soccer 2010


►Players can press the [STOP] button to end the running light at any time after starting
►When player hits the "Bell" sign, player can increase bonus by pressing the button in 99 seconds
►With voice and music
Product Name Soccer 2010
Product Code MY-6
Cabinet ABS (Plastic) / Customized
Weight(kg) ABS : 17 
Dimension(cm) ABS : 47.5 X 50 X 59 
Voltage 110 V / 220 V
Image Style Footballer 
  1. Most LED with red color and few ones with double color
  2. There are matrix display at the middle of PC board
  3. Three identical number on display makes bonus                                             
  4. Symbols are designed as national flag
  5. Double board
Download MY-6 Manual