MY-WR1 Wrestlemania


► Adopted in various cabinets

► More chances and different ways to win

► Beautiful lights give stunning effect you've never imagined

► Enjoyments of both audio and visual effect
Product Name Wrestlemania 
Product Code MY-WR1
Cabinet ABS (Plastic) / VIP (Wood) / Customized
Weight(kg) ABS : 17 / VIP : 36
Dimension(cm) ABS : 47.5 x 50 x 59 / VIP : 48 x 55 x 160
Voltage 110 V / 220 V
Image Style Wrestling
  1. There are two reels installed at the both side of PC board
  2. There are matrix display installed at the middle of PC board
  3. Three are six kinds of symbols on the reels and each is stand for different bonus
  4. Both of symbols on the reel are the same, it bring special bonus
  5. Matrix displays display Line Game and make bonus when identical number appear
  6. Double board
Download MY-WR1 Manual