Pinball 6 Balls Kit Set


Complete Kit for Pinball machine,

Includes optional parts according to the customer choice.
Please refer to detailed kit set as below

OP-1 Burglarproof Stick  
OP-2 White Iron Coin Loader
OP-3 Plastic Support for Coin Selector
OP-4 Plastic Axis
OP-5 Platform  
OP-6 Speaker
OP-7 Plastic Coin Funnel
OP-8 Button
OP-9 Balance Tool
OP-10 Pull Plunger
OP-11 Micro switch
OP-12 Button 
OP-13 Hopper optional_ani_gif.gif
OP-14 Switch Lock 
OP-15 Cam Lock 
OP-16 AC Switch 
OP-17 Harness Wires and Counter 
OP-18 Coin Selector 
OP-19 Plastic Ball 
OP-20 Acrylic Set 
OP-21 PCB 
OP-22 PCB-Function Keys 
OP-23 Shove Ball & Mold Form 
OP-24 Mini Motor 
OP-25 Power Supply 
OP-26 Anti Shock Device 
OP-28 PCB-Digital 
OP-29 Screw Set
OP-30 Padlock L 
OP-31 Up Down Foot Plate
OP-32 Assembled Play Field 
OP-33 Iron Plate for Button 
OP-34 Screw Set for Cabinet