T.S.K have been engaged in this field for many years.
Therefore, we recognize and store various type of IC chips.
Welcome to inquire with us!
Please refer to more IC chips as below

MP-01 27C512
SN-01 78E052
VP-01 27C322
VP-02 27C801
IC-01 82C55
IC-02 82C255
IC-03 6116
IC-04 8051
IC-05 8052
IC-06 KC89C72
IC-07 KC8279
IC-08 NEC8255
IC-09 NEC8279
IC-10 NEW8279G
IC-11 16V8
IC-12 74LS138
IC-13 74LS157
IC-14 74LS273
IC-15 74LS373
IC-16 2003
IC-17 4028
IC-18 74HC273
IC-19 TL084
IC-20 34063
IC-21 75452
IC-22 PC817
IC-23 555  
IC-24 7064
IC-25 7128
IC-26 7064
IC-27 68HC000
IC-28 29LV320
IC-29 29LV640
IC-30 62C256
IC-31 63LV1024
IC-32 5128
IC-33 TT6298
IC-34 AT89C51
IC-35 28F320
IC-36 Z8018008
IC-37 UM3567